VAN Hydro Fill Systems

The VAN Booster type Hydro Fill System fits in well with your modern building. Considering the following features.
  • Compact.
  • Easy to Install :
    Fully assembled. The package is ready to use after plugging into your Control Panel & connecting solenoid valve in your overhead tanks. The solenoid valves selected are of Industrial quality having long life.

  • Easy to Use :
    No operator is required. Fully automatic System works maintenance for years.
  • Unique construction :
    The system consisting of Pumps ,valves nrv diaphragm tank 100 liters capacity ,pressure switch ,pressure gauge,dry run protection , solenoid valves ,8 liters pressure vessel ,by pass valve & Control System,
  • Economical too :
    No need of pump operator. Nor it is required to open or close valves
  • Operation:
    Once the system is kept in Auto position, the pump starts filling all overhead tanks. When each tank is full, the solenoid valve close the incoming water. When all valves are closed sensing low flow, the pump stops. The pump will restart when any of the tank levels go below low level The line surges during each stopping of pump will be absorbed by diaphragm tank.